Hungarian Energy Efficiency Institute (MEHI)

Hungarian Energy Efficiency Institute (MEHI) is a non profit analytical and advocacy organization, closely co-operating with all companies interested in the energy efficiency market. Its main goal is to encourage energy efficiency investments by assisting and inciting government actions, and also by informing both the consumers and market players. It has been a clear recognition at establishing MEHI that energy efficiency is not only a common concern, but a clear business interest for many market players as well; the key energy efficiency enterprises of Hungary are among the main partners of MEHI.

2021. 08.26.

Budapest Climate Summit

The Budapest Climate Summit is taking place between 7-8 October 2021 in Budapest, bringing together the climate and sustainability stakeholders from Central and Eastern Europe and beyond to network live, in person.

2021. 02.17.

Encouraging deep renovation of residential buildings is necessary and worthwhile

The Hungarian Institute of Energy Efficiency (MEHI) has prepared a study entitled Hungarian Renovation Wave on the various benefits of a largescale building renovation program in Hungary. The study is based on a representative residential survey...

2020. 02.20.

How to boost mass renovations? Prospects for upgrading the energy performance of the Hungarian building stock

Conference of the MEHI Hungarian Energy Efficiency Institute in cooperation with The Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlandsand Energy Cities7 October 2020.  8:30-13:30(online)


How to boost mass renovations? - The status and the future of the Hungarian building stock

2020. 10. 07


How to boost mass renovations?The status and the future of the Hungarian building stock

Multi-level support for local authorities to improve energy efficiency

2018. 09. 26

Kossuth Klub - Muzikum

Local authorities and policy makers, as local consumers and producers (‘prosumers’) of energy, are in the position to...